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2011年9月14日 星期三

任何正版暴雪遊戲的擁有者都可以參加D3 beta的抽籤!


前些天有人說只有sc2wow的正版玩家才能夠參與D3 beta的抽籤?

This was bad information. They confused requirements to post in the forums to requirements to be able to opt-in. They're not the same.

To opt-in you need to create a account and attach any Blizzard title that has a CD-Key you can attach. If you're opted in then that means you do have a game attached, and you're all set - you're in the pool to be selected just like everyone else.


只要你擁有一個戰網帳號並且裡面綁定了任何一個暴雪的正版遊戲的cd key,你就可以參加D3beta抽籤了。只要你的帳號能成功的申請抽籤,就說明你的賬號已經綁定了一個遊戲,你就已經OK了。你現在就和其他人一樣在一個備選池裡。

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